Saturday, 16 March 2013

How To Beat Procrastination By Robin Sharma

The video above shows Robin Sharma, one of the personal improvement gurus, shares his strategies on how he beat procrastination.

According to Robin, he uses 5 techniques to handle procrastination and they are...

1. Magnificent Obsession Statement & Dream Collage

For instance, you can use affirmation and vision board to help you overcome procrastination. For example, your magnificent obsession statement or affirmation can be something like, "I'm a millionaire real estate investor", "I'm a savvy businessman", or "I'm a number one best-selling author". You can create your own personalized affirmation and use it everyday.

Next, comes the vision board or the dream collage. What you can do is to cut out pictures from books or magazine, and paste them into your success journal. Of course, choose the things that you want and cut it out and paste it there. For instance, you can look for pictures of luxury car that you always wanted, the travel location that you desire to go and so on.

The key here is that our mind thinks in pictures. That is why you have to use pictures to program what you want into your subconscious mind.

2. The 30 Day Procrastination Diet

What you can do here to beat procrastination is to plan for 30 days and do something that you always put off. For example, if you resist jogging, choose a day to go for jogging. If you resist writing an article, choose a day to do that. For straight 30 days, you choose to do at least 1 task that you always procrastinate and resist doing.

This is to strengthen your will power so that you will build a stronger will power that you won't procrastinate. The more you train your mental muscle, the more powerful it will become. And if you have a strong will power to do what you always wanted, you can then control your life and move in the right direction that you wanted.

3. The Power Of Exercise

Robin Sharma use the 'second wind workout' technique to boost his productivity during the day. What you can do here is to workout in the morning, and then after that, workout again during 5pm for 30 minutes. This is because after you workout, you will feel more refreshed and literally increase your energy.

That is why Robin suggests that we exercise twice a day. Once in the morning after we wake up, and another time again around 4-6pm so that we can keep our brain recharge and have a fresher mind to do what we suppose to do for the other half of the day.

4. Create Distraction Free Environment

If you want to be productive, you have to create the distraction free environment. If your desk is in a mess, do you think you will feel like working on that desk? Studies show that distraction will encourage procrastination and decrease productivity.

Go through the video and you will understand how successful people such as Steve Jobs used this technique to build his billion-dollar business empire.

5. Release Your Self-Sabotage

You have been influenced by everyone around you that you can't do this or you can't do that. That is why you procrastinate on your dreams, the goals you want to achieve and the life you desire to live. Below is another great video that clearly explains this situation. So get ready to release your self-sabotage and it is time to be great...

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